Dr Ameeta Gajjar

Suite 805, Level 8
229 Macquarie St
Sydney 2000
Dr Ameeta Gajjar is an Integrative Medical Doctor specialising in Functional Medicine and a Health/Lifestyle Coach.
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Are you TIRED of seeing your GP and just not being listened to? Not understood? Is it time for a change?

"I would like to introduce you to Dr Ameeta (aka Dr Amy).

Entering her forties, with the spirit and energy of a twenty year old and the knowledge and wisdom for life far beyond her years, Dr Amy is one of a kind.

She has been trained in one of the leading medical schools in the United Kingdom - Imperial College School of Medicine, in London. She has attained multiple qualifications, which to this day, makes me stand in awe and admiration. It reflects one's motivation, dedication and diligence. A pursuit towards self development that is a quality which is rare and no doubt inspiring.

Personal life events have given Dr Amy the knowledge, the path to self growth, awareness and understanding which is imparted in her consultations. Like many of you, Dr Amy has encountered numerous challenges in life; emotional, the uncertainty of life and dealing with loss. In 2009, she decided to seek her destiny across the other side of the world, on her own. This has proved to be successful and she now makes Sydney home.

Dr Amy regularly attends courses and educates herself to achieve her goal of providing holistic care. Combining her medical knowledge with training in nutritional and environmental medicine, life coaching, neuro linguistic programming, time line therapy, ayurveda, meditation, yoga and fitness training, she hopes to meet the demands of modern day living.

Her main interests are lifestyle and weight management, gastrointestinal health, thyroid / adrenal issues, women's health, children's health and autoimmune illness.

Dr Amy is looking forward to meeting you and with her dedicated work ethic behind her, she hopes to be part of your journey towards self healing."

- SB

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